Friday, September 17, 2010

How to Detect If You've Been Hacked

Everybody knows about hacking and its threat to Internet users, but the question is, would anyone even know that he's been hacked? The answer is no. When an individual hijacks a computer, the trick is to do so without letting the owner know. Otherwise, emergency safety software and other measures will be used, thus, making hacking no longer possible at that particular time. The trick is, therefore, to hack secretly so the hacking can continue for an amount of time significant to the hacker as he advances his selfish ends.

What makes things worse is the fact that many homes and business these days have opened up to wireless technology for convenience. Most of them do not know that this also makes it very convenient for cyber criminals to hatch their evil plots. With these wireless networks, hackers can simply be a few feet away and be able to enter the network and bully every computer in it. In fact, this type of hacking is now so rampant that one can find public sites selling known open wireless networks for hackers to target next.

Once a computer has been hacked, it will be known as a "zombie." A zombie computer would now be serving the hacker in a number of ways from sending spam emails to contaminating other computers with viruses. Some owners are even unaware that their computers have been used to spread pornographic materials or hack government systems. By this time, the computer is fully available to the hacker for control. Hackers even protect themselves from each other by healing security holes in zombie computers so that no other hacker can break in.

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