Sunday, September 19, 2010

Why You Need to Know About IP Address? represents a private IP address which is by and large used by routers as their default IP address. As this is used as default by most of the manufacturers, there is a good chance of conflicts. This is due to the fact that multiple network devices like routers originating from the same manufacturer are connected to matching network. This IP address falls within certain ranges of addresses which can be used as the private Internet.

How to Avoid IP address conflicts? The problem of IP address conflicts is best avoided by a good router in service. The router is embedded with a feature like DHCP client server that eases the IP assignment task which takes place without human intervention. So each of the computer entertain themselves with an unique address which eliminates the possibility of any other computer to have the same address in that private network thereby avoiding any clashes.

Usability of which routers can use. There is absolutely no restriction on the type of routers which can use this private IPv4 address. Any modem, computer and internet devices can be organized using IP address. But it is not recommended to go for it because of address divergences which can later show up in connectivity problems.

In order to access the IP address, the method is widespread which begins with typing of the same in your browser's address box. With the press of go can load you with options of change of settings. For this your browser should support the web standard requirements. You can set up a username and password by configuring your device.

There is a chance of your computer to encounter with another system of similar configuration. In this case you are highly advised to create a complete backup of your computer settings before subjecting to correction. This should be done with supreme care as you may end up in losing your Internet connection if your settings appear to be erroneous in the course of configuring your network system.

Other Default Private IP addresses. Other than the IP address, there are addresses like and which are also meant for private use. The is very regular among those consumers who situate their routers for small areas. This IP address is similarly non-routable like One cannot really locate these types of addresses outside the private network.

This IP address is found as a default in case of D-Link router meant for its built-in webpage access. From this place you can access the modem's settings by default and play with WEP, address filtering, MAC, LAN network settings and so on.

Any attempt from the external source to remap your settings when your default IP address is privatized, is best protected by your router settings. And these router settings may not have prevented this unwanted access of external attempts if it was not a private IP address.

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