Friday, September 17, 2010

There Are Many Famous People With Manic Depression

Surprisingly enough, there are many famous people with manic depression. There are certainly more people around than many of us know who have been affected by depression. One of the major issues with depression is that we often think we're all alone. Famous people with manic depression and depression are out there. It's not just you and the rest of the "ordinary" people who suffer.
The reality is that those with some of the most creative and artistic minds suffer from depression and some physicians have tried to connect that personality type, with a bent toward depression. If you're suffering from depression or you have considered that you might be depressed, then you are certainly in very good company.
Many of the most creative and the most intelligent people on earth have suffered from depression, manic depression, or bipolar disorder at one point or another in their life. The secret to continuing, to moving forward in many cases is to get some help dealing with something that may be too difficult to deal with alone.
Depression can affect anyone. Simply having plenty of money, or a lot of friends, or a great deal of support, does not mean that you will never suffer from depression. While it may be slightly uncomfortable for many of us to admit that we have a mental disorder, it's no different from any other garden variety of illness. You can treat it effectively, and you should! Talking to someone about your feelings is the first step in getting the help that you may need to manage your depression. Seeking out help is the first step toward conquering your depression and getting back to enjoying your life. Still think it feels lonely?
Here are just a few of some of the famous people that you may know who have suffered from depression over long periods of time:
Russell Brand, actor and comedian
Kurt Cobain, musician and band member
Rosemary Clooney, actress and musician/singer
Patricia Cornwell, famous crime author
Richard Dreyfuss, actor and star of Jaws movies and Mr. Holland's Opus
Patty Duke Astin, actress and spokesperson
Carrie Fisher, Star Wars actress
Abbie Hoffman, Political activist
Jack Irons, Pearl Jam and Red Hot Chili Peppers Musician
Kay Redfield Jamison, noted psychologist and Psychiatry professor of Johns Hopkins (tried to get a connection to creativity and bipolar disorder introduced into psychiatry)
Kerry Katona, Television celebrity and pop singer for Atomic Kitten Margot Kidder, Actress
Vivien Leigh, Actress
Patrick Kroupa, famous hacker and writer
Kristy McNichol, Child and adult actress
Burgess Meridith, Penguin on Batman, noted actor
Florence Nightingale, famous nurse and health care worker.(heard voices and had several severe bouts with depression)
Sinéad O'Connor-singer, famed for her rude behavior and mistreatment of others
Ozzy Osbourne, singer.
Jane Pauley, television journalist
Edgar Allan Poe, noted poet and author of some very gloomy books
Margaret Trudeau, wife of former Canadian Prime minister and celebrity
Jean-Claude Van Damme, noted French actor
Vincent Van Gogh, artist
Pete Wentz, musician
In some cases, their battles with depression were lost, resulting in death from drug overdoses and/or suicide. However, in most cases, these people got help, and went on to do amazing things with their lives and so can you! You can defeat your illness and enjoy life.

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