Sunday, September 19, 2010

Keyboard Activity Monitoring Tool

Professional Keyboard Activity Monitoring Tool is a hidden inspection utility that keeps track of all activities performed on your system in your absence. Best stealth keylogger software keeps eye on each action performed by family members, children, students, employees or workers etc when they use your computer. Invisible key logging software establishes full control over your computer system as software secretly stores keystrokes into an encrypted log file so that administrator could know external users activities including visited web site, system login-name/password, emails, windows clip board entries etc in his absence.
Keyboard Activity Monitoring Tool
Keyboard surveillance tool runs completely in invisible mode and no one except system owner is aware of software installation. Award winning keyboard logger utility overrides all major anti keylogger or spy tools as application is not visible either in the ‘start menu’, ‘system startup’, ‘add remove program list’ etc or even cannot be detected by antivirus softwares. Easy to use key catcher software helps you to watch out what your co-workers are doing online, students are doing at lab, schools or at home, friends are doing what etc. You can easily customize keyboard activity tracking report in the exact manner you want and prefer.

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